Sunday, August 30, 2009

a recent discovery..

So everyone knows the I lovelovelove The Killers, and Brandon Flowers is a huge inspiration on my fashion. So while browsing pictures of his marvelous clothing I stumbled upon this purple tiger jacket, under a denim jacket, a couple months ago. He got it sometime in the beginning of this year..I'm pretty sure. Everyone wondered, 'where did this crazy feather jacket go??'

Bono and Coldplay even got so excited and curious, they sung to and with Brandon about it. Just kidding. He is now wearing his purple tiger jacket every time he's not wearing his feather jacket, even at once-in-a-lifetime performances. (At the Royal Bush Hall, War Child Benefit Gig.)

He wears it ALL THE TIME. Almost every time he goes to meet fans before and after and between concerts. He wears it to fancyschmancy celebrity events.

Here while leaving the BBC studios in London, being photographed by the paparazzi.

And again, being photographed a different time by the paparazzi. That's the same exact outfit, like 20 times, right, RIGHT?

Well we all know the song off their newest album, Neon Tiger. I'm sure Brandon thought he was being pretty clever. It seems there is a theme going on. What's next? Buying a silvery/metallic jacket and wearing it every other day for a Spaceman theme? Maybe a Candy Apple Red jacket to go with a Joyride theme? Well maybe he can get this nice purple tiger for a pet to go with his new neon tiger theme. Hahaaa.

Anyways, back to the mysterious jacket/hoodie. Brandon always wears it with the same denim jacket, and the same t shirt, and the same tight black jeans (or regular blue jeans), and his same black boots. It's Brandon's official look of this year I'm guessing.

Now, fans wanted to know: where can I buy this? where is it from? how can I get this? it seems like I've seen it before.. NO WAY. IT'S SOLD AT ALMOST EVERY MALL ON THE PLANET. I almost got one like this a couple years ago.. it was pretty similar.. it was from Rave, or Wetseal or one of those places. Many places have ones very similar...but not the same.

So this is it, the 100% authentic Brandon Flowers Purple Tiger Zip Up Hoodie Jacket:

There it is. Exactly the same. It has a gradient purple base, and the right strings and everything.
So where is this magical piece of history from? Mrs. Jones perhaps who designed his one of a kind feather jacket, or Dior, or some other top name designer?
Nope. Simple.

Forever 21.

Yep, Forever Freaking 21.

No, Forever 21 didn't create a replica to sell to crazed Brandon/Killers fans. Fans only found it days after Brandon first wore it. It was online for like 24 bucks or something. Though, after he wore it, those purple tiger hoodies made an amazing come back aaaaaallllll over not long after he wore it. Coincidence? I think not.

Really though, why is Brandon Flowers, one of the best musicians of all time, shopping at Forever 21? Did his wife buy it for him? Or maybe he got it as a gift, and loved it, not realizing where it was from, but now just can't part with it. I like it. Haha.

Now I'm starting to reconsider if I should buy a purple tiger hoodie like I almost did a couple years ago... I could pull it off. ;)
Too bad they're sold out..

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